Ready for Production use?

Is anyone using Livewire in production yet? How’s your experience so far?

Am I right to interpret the 1.0 release as a sign that the API is (reasonably) stable and suitable for production use?

I don’t mind regular bugs, but want to avoid frequent rewrites of my UI due to API’s/concepts being in flux.

Yes and no… There are some glaring issues, but there are also workarounds for them. As far as I know there’s no setting to disable the error modals, but you can write javascrpt to catch them, some bug with having html ids in the component view, and request call stacking in the wrong order (can’t model.lazy and call a method with keydown on the same input).

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These sound acceptable, at least for what I have in mind currently. Thanks!

Hi …

Can you explain more in detail ?

I built site with livewire and it is about to be on production stage soon…

Thanks in advance.

Code from here should work:

Might be fixed, not sure. I never personally had this issue and haven’t seen anything about it recently, but I haven’t been looking for it either.

Issue was closed without fixing the root of the problem, but there are a couple of workarounds.

You will also have problems if you have more than one pagination on a page. Should be a non problem for you specifically if you haven’t already ran into it. If anyone else does, you will have to create your own withPagination trait for each one to get around the query string collision. Or use this:

I’m sure there’s a lot more to be aware of, but at the end of the day if you aren’t getting any console errors or running into the same problems that others are here or in the github issues, you’re probably fine (I’m not as up-to-date on everything as I used to be). I’d strongly recommend catching the error modals and doing your own form of error handling, especially in the case of the session timing out, but that’s mostly ux stuff and not really breaking anything.

As they say, everything works perfect until you go live. Good Luck.

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There is one more general issue that could be a potential security problem. Basically it is possible to call any public method of a component or emit any event from the browser console. It is a bit beyond basic “do not trust user input” as it is not only about user input…
So a livewire developer should be very careful what methods are public in a component and what could be sent to those public method in a component.

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I’d been using Livewire mainly for quicker admin area development, and that’s a good point I forgot about.

Thanks guy.

I will keep reminding of your comments.