Uncaught Reference Error: Livewire is not defined

Hello devs, I installed Livewire in a fresh Laravel installation but keeps getting Uncaught ReferenceError: Livewire is not defined
I included <livewire:styles> <livewire:scripts> at the head and bottom respectively in the app.blade.php and published the config.

You are using Laravel 7?

Check in the browser source to make sure those tags have been expanded.

@Snapey which tags please.

These tags of course!

How do you ensure that livewire:styles livewire:scripts is expanded? I am having the same issue when I deploy on Cpanel but works just fine on localhost. Any help is appreciated

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Did you figure it out? Having the same issues right now …

I was facing the same error now it’s fixed by doing the following things.

'asset_url'  =>  env('APP_URL', 'http://localhost'),

also update the APP_URL accordingly in .env file

the most important thing. clear config and cache. I hope this will help you