1 big Component vs 20 smaller


I need help making this decision: build 1 big component or split it in smaller ~20.

20 smaller ones will be easier to maintain but I am not sure what the performance impact will be?

The use case is a cart page where each product has multiple options (possible components) + additional ones for the cart.

Worth mentioning that whenever any of this components get used the cart needs to be refreshed.

Any opinions, experience with many components on 1 page is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I’m just tagging along here since I’m wondering the exact same thing. Though more like a few huge components vs something like over 200 tiny components :sweat_smile:

I am working on a big legacy system, already ported most of the backend over to Laravel. There’s still more work to do but it can fully use Laravel as a core now.

So now I want to fix the frontend and the logic in between front and backend. Currently it’s one huge form with many ajax calls and many fields are also connected to other fields in a way.

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