Adding 'Solved' or 'Resolved' tags to posts

Hi all,

I’m not sure if I post this is in the correct category, but I hope this little suggestion will find the right people.

My suggestion for the “Help” topics is to add a “Solved” or “Resolved” badge/flag.
I’ve posted a topic in “Help” category other day which I’ve resolved since.
Although I’ve added the “[Solved]” text to the title, but I feel this isn’t enough.
When I look at a solved topic on Stackoverflow it feels more natural to mark the topic as solved and bump the “solver” comment just underneath the initial topic.
This BY FAR helps the Livewire lovers to learn faster.

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@calebporzio there is a plugin “Solved” you can enable in the discourse settings if you want to add this.

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Yeah, that’d be great.

Looks like you have to install this:

I kinda leave the technical administrating stuff of this forum to @iAmKevinMcKee.

If he’s up for it, then let’s go for it!

Thanks to all parties involved.

I’ve installed that plugin. Now topic creators can mark a response in the Help category as “Solved”. I’ve done that on your thread @WBDC


Thank you guys! I am sure this will benefit the community.
Can you tell me if this is only applies to the Help topic, or available under all categories? I was looking to mark @xxdalexx’s answer as the resolution, but I don’t see there any option.


It’s just on the Help category right now. I’m not sure it makes sense to add to other categories since not all posts in other categories will be questions and will have an “answer”.

Out of topic. I created a new tag on StackOverflow for Livewire. Hope it helps the community (specific Q&A)