Any Good Video to Expline SPA with livewire

Hey All,
i want to build a site with SPA using livewire, but i don’t know the first step to do it.
any Recommendations for videos explaining this.

thanks in advance.

It’s really going to depend on how you want your SPA to behave. You can compartmentalize the components so that they handle their own data and livewire will handle the AJAX stuff but getting the behavior that you desire isn’t going to be easily illustrated in a single video. The tutorial videos on the site are really good foundational videos and there are some good points on how you should start thinking about your app intersparsed. If you want to use livewire to deploy and SPA, you should get a good foundation on livewire. I do believe you’ll be able to accomplish SPA within livewire that feels more lightweight than other frameworks. It will just require thought and planning.

I don’t want this to sound dismissive and really do encourage you to watch the vids. It’s just that SPA behavior varies wildly between apps. You could have a single page that has 4 buttons that do a basic task and that’s technically an SPA which would be very easy to handle within livewire or you could have a more complex SPA like a Slack clone or CMS or something and that would require a lot more planning and thought but could still be accomplished within livewire.

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Thank you so much for your reply, and I am currently watching videos to delve deeper.

Hi @skywalker.

Here is a video that gives a basic setup of turbolinks to give a SPA feel to livewire.

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AH! thank you so much