Building a component . . button to send value to page

What seems to be the problem:
I can’t get my data to send form a form . . . I have tried everything and I still cannot get the final updated value. My button can have various states . . . and each state has a color . . . and then when you select that state it should remember it so I can send it to my database to update. This is not working at all . . I’ve tried to put in hidden input tags . . . nothing. I can see the values my inspecting the DOM, but nothing gets transmitted to my database.

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Are you using the latest version of Livewire:

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             @livewire('condition-button', ['field_name'=>'device_audio_port_condition','icon'=>'images/jack-svgrepo-com.svg','status' =>['Good','Jammed'], 'status_color'=>['bg-green-600','bg-red-600'],'current_status'=> $device_audio_port_condition])
                         @livewire('condition-button', ['field_name'=>'device_charging_port_condition','icon'=>'images/charger-svgrepo-com.svg','status' =>['Good','Jammed'], 'status_color'=>['bg-green-600','bg-red-600'],'current_status'=> $device_charging_port_condition])


<div class="pt-5" wire:key="{{ $field_name }}" ><button wire:click="press(['{{ $field_name }}'])"   class="inline-flex justify-center py-2 px-4 border border-transparent text-sm leading-5 font-medium rounded-md text-white {{ $color_me }}  ">
        <img src="{{ $icon }}" style="height:50px" class="m-3"></button>
    <div class="m-2">
            <input type="hidden" wire:model="parent.{{ $field_name }}" value="{{ $current_status }}">
        @foreach($status as $what_status)
            @if ($current_status == $what_status)<div class="text-black">{{ $what_status }}</div>
                <div class="text-gray-300">{{ $what_status }}</div>

If this component is inside a form and what you’re trying to do is have the value of the hidden input to be sent with the form submit, then you need to add a name attribute to the input.
Livewire does not change how form submitting works.