Can I translate documentations into my mother Language, Japanese?

As the title asked, Can I translate official documents into Japanese?

I will published them in my site.

Which documentation did you mean?

livewire docs. The contents hosted on…, also they are on GitHub /livewire/docs.

I have translated laravel official documents into Japanese from version 3. From 4.2, there are hosted in, and markdowns published on GitHub with MIT license.

Japanese developers don’t like to read English. Of course there are translation services, however en/ja translate still not good quality to read package documentations. So need manually translations.

No license on doc repository, and there is © in footer on every documents under laravel-livewire homepage. So I can’t judge whether I can translate them or not.

Alright, You can email Calb at [email protected] and see if the translation is allowed.

Thx. I got OK to translate official docs into Japanese by an email.

Sounds Awesome!
Good Luck with your journey :smiley:
happy coding