Choosing Livewire over Vue SPA

Using mainly Laravel + Vue in the past years, I have a few concerns choosing Livewire for my next project. Livewire is new to me, but it seems really promising. These questions have probably been asked before, but I couldn’t really find answers to them, so I hope you could shed some light on the topic.

Let’s say an end-user is busy filling a form on a page, but needs some information before submitting the form that can be found somewhere else in the system. So the user needs to navigate. In a Vue SPA you could for example make it possible that the user can “minimize” the form and navigate to a page in the system without losing the form state. How would you create something like this in Lifewire?
If I understand it correctly, the user has to deal with page refreshes (because the user navigates to different routes) and the state of the form has to be saved in a session. Or is there another way?

How viable is it to create “one component that rules all”?
Again comparing it to the Vue lifecycle, is it viable to have a “Root” component that has all possible resource CRUD components loaded in from the start, and conditionally showing the correct resource based on the url? Or is this bad practise?