Component Not Found

what is the issue, i don’t understand.

Try the route this format:

tried but slove the error

What does your view file look like?

simple HTML not more than that.


Does it extend a layout file and/or have you imported the Livewire styles and Scripts?

<livewire:styles />
<livewire:scripts />

Scrap that, I’ve just checked and they aren’t required in returning a view.

Does your /home route work?
What results do you get if you take the route out of the middleware group?

Does the route appear in your route:list?

Just to confirm; you have a component view at resources/views/livewire/services/installations.blade.php, you have a blade view file at resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php and inside that blade view file you have defined a section called content with @section('content')?

Yes, All routes working perfectly.

all previous route working fine and show in command list but this component not show in route list.

Did you create your component using php artisan make:livewire?

What happens if you move the component temporarily?
php artisan livewire:move services.installations services.temp

i use same this command to create

  1. php artisan make:livewire Service/Installations
  2. php artisan make:livewire Service.Installations
    both step use.

What about if you move it temporarily and then move it back again, is the component registered in your route:list?