Disabling extra turbo-links code


I know turbolinks support is baked in, however it would be really nice to maybe have a config item e.g. 'turbolinks' => false which does things like leaves out the stuff like…

var firstTime = true;
    document.addEventListener("turbolinks:load", function() {
        /* We only want this handler to run AFTER the first load. */
        if  (firstTime) {
            firstTime = false;


    document.addEventListener("turbolinks:before-cache", function() {
        document.querySelectorAll(`[wire\\:id]`).forEach(el => {
            const component = el.__livewire;

            const dataObject = {
                data: component.data,
                events: component.events,
                children: component.children,
                checksum: component.checksum,
                name: component.name,
                errorBag: component.errorBag,
                redirectTo: component.redirectTo,

            el.setAttribute('wire:initial-data', JSON.stringify(dataObject));

Is this something that would be considered?


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I was thinking about the same. It would be better to add a config for turbolinks.