Don't update wire:model when change file_url

I use unisharp laravel filemanager.
How I click the button and change a file - file name show in the input, but model:image_url don’t update. When editing other models, the file name on input is cleared.
How to update the model with image_url when selecting a file?

I have

    <span class="absolute inset-y-0 right-0 flex items-center pl-2">
         <button id="lfm" class="p-1 focus:outline-none focus:shadow-outline"
            x-data ="{field: '{{$field}}'}"
                   document.getElementById('lfm').addEventListener('click', (event) => {
         '/admin/laravel-filemanager', 'fm', 'width=1050,height=600');
                   var target_input = document.getElementById('{{$field}}');

                   window.SetUrl = function (items) {
                         var file_path = (item) {
                             return item.url;
                         target_input.value = file_path;
              <svg class="fill-current w-4 h-4 mr-2" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 20 20"><path d="M13 8V2H7v6H2l8 8 8-8h-5zM0 18h20v2H0v-2z"/></svg>

and blade:

<div class="mb-3">
     <label class="block font-medium text-sm text-gray-700" for="image_url">Image</label>
     <div wire:ignore class="relative text-gray-600 focus-within:text-gray-400">
         <input wire:model="image_url" class="items-center form-input rounded-md shadow-sm mt-1 block w-full" id="image_url" type="text"  autocomplete="image_url">

livewire controller:

public $image_url,

laravel 8 livewire 2.0

I was forced to add event in after “target_input.value = file_path”:

   var event = document.createEvent('Event');
   event.initEvent('input', true, true);