Events having multiple keystrokes

Could anyone point me to trigger action with multiple keystokes/mouse action such shift + click or ctrl + click? Also, is there a way to distinguish between click and double click. It seems to that there is an event dblclick and I can have action like

<button wire:dblclick="DAction">Button</button>

But if I want to distinguish between click and double click, i.e., something like

<button wire:click="SAction" wire:dblclick="DAction">Button</button>

on a double click, SAction happens twice and DAction happens once.

Is there a way to stop SAction on double clicks?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey, @anish.sarkar
You can use alpinejs to emit an event. For Example:

<button @click="ClickSomething()">Click me</button>

   function clickSomething() {


and in Your component

public $listeners = ['clickSomething'];

public function clickSomething()
  // do your logic

I hope you got the idea.