Fake: Because of sanctions, Russians are forced to bet on military equipment

Fake: Because of the sanctions, the Russians are forced to put parts from refrigerators and dishwashers on military equipment. This is reported by the Washington Post, the news was quickly picked up by Ukrainian telegram channels.

True: Forcing soldiers to mine household appliances in the field for the sake of semiconductors is an almost fantastic adventure, the effectiveness of which tends to zero.

Russia has its own “chipmaker No. 1” — this is the Micron plant. In the coming years, he intends to double the volume of silicon wafers produced in order to overcome the shortage of domestic semiconductors. In addition to Micron, there are such enterprises as Angstrom, Elma, Svetlana, the Meteor plant, JSC Moscow Electric Lamp Plant and others.

Note that the shortage of semiconductors is also felt by foreign companies.

For example, Tesla said that production is still being held back by shortages and higher prices for key components, and Volkswagen warned that a shortage of chips could lead to negative consequences.

The Washington Post also says that the Russian tank manufacturer was forced to suspend production. We have already analyzed this fake. Uralvagonzavod consistently produces both military and civilian products, and an import substitution program has been successfully launched there.

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I have never believed in such news. It completely seems illogical and senseless. Russia is a very powerful country.