Forms inputs return to previous state momentarily

Hi all, wondering if anyone has some thoughts on the following…
I have a simple LW component with a few input fields.
I am testing out real time validation.
As a user if I tab through the form (quickly) entering values in each field, the fields momentarily return to their previous values when LW does the round trip for each field in turn. I can make this more obvious by increasing amount of time the updating method takes. E.g if a validation requires a DB lookup or something more time intensive.
But each field round trip returns others to last known state.
Yes I can use .defer to not do any updating until some future event.
But wondered is there another way. Or is this just how LW works?

if you use livewire dont need value="…" maybe that is problem (?)

No that’s not it. only using wire:model.

  <input type="text" wire:model="one" >

each field is bound to a public property?

Can’t say I’ve ever experienced this.

Is one a public property on your livewire component?

yeah, I test in my project and got the same result. Until now I don’t realize on this

At last someone else has seen this. Though not sure there is a solution. Looks like I just need to avoid real time validation, which is a shame.

I wondered if there were ways of forcing livewire to only change the one input, rather than it reverting others to previous state.

yes all public properties

I’m sorry, let me be more explicit…I have this same result than you, quick tabbing and real-time validation on slow 3G network condition enviroment (through browser settings)