How to Pass Edit Method data to Render Method

I am Working with small project and both are working fine . My issue is i am tring to get data to Edit Component

public function UpdateFeeScollector(SchoolFeeCollector $SchoolFeeCollectorID)
        $this->showEditModal = true;
        $this->SchoolFeeCollectorID = $SchoolFeeCollectorID;
        $this->fc_fee_scheem_id   = $SchoolFeeCollectorID->fc_fee_scheem_id;
        $this->fc_fee_group_id   = $SchoolFeeCollectorID->fc_fee_group_id;
        $this->fc_cf_amount   = $SchoolFeeCollectorID->fc_cf_amount ;

Its Getting data to and passing value to view and also select option value but it not showing in selected value … But same component I am passing to selected option and showing perfect Using Render Method How to I pass this value to Render Method