How to pass fom alpine data to livewire?


i have a x-data in my div with alpinejs

and i whant to pass the object to livewire

what is the best and simple way to do that??


Hey @haiibooo,

there are several ways to do this.

  1. You can use “wire:model” and dispatch an “input” event from within AlpineJS. That way livewire will update your PHP “model” whenever a new “input” event is dispatched.

  2. As you are in a Livewire Component you can use “@this.set(‘PHPVariableName’, ‘DATA’)” to manually set a variable within your Livewire component to what you have in your AlpineJS instance.

When possible i would prefer option number 1. But that’s up to you.

See for reference:

Hope i could help!


but i need to pass data after i do customizeing my object that i whan to pass with alpine JS

I‘m not sure if i get you right, but with the options i provided it is/should be possible.

Can you give us an example of what your exact problem is?

Just determine in x-data of Alpine the variable with @entangle(‘name the variable in component’)…