How to show followers and following lists in livewire

I am trying to use this package in livewire.
I am very interested in using livewire,But I am new to use livewire, I do not know how to do this
How to show followers and following lists in livewire
please guide me



If for example you have two links to access different blades or components

<a href="{{ route('user.followers', ['user_name' => Auth::user()->name]) }}">  // I use Auth::user() as example but maybe you handle different users
<a href="{{ route('user.followings', ['user_name' => Auth::user()->name]) }}">

in web.php

Route::get('/{user_name}/followers', [FollowersComponent::class])->name('users.followers');
Route::get('/{user_name}/followings', [FollowinsComponent::class])->name('users.followings');


public $followers;
public $user;

public function mount($user_name)
   $this->user = User::where('name', $user_name)->first();
   $this->followers = $this->user->followers();

public function render()
   return view('followers-component', ['followers' => $this->followers]);

and in followers-component.blade.php

@foreach($followers as $follower)
    {{ $follower->name }}

Let me know if you understand this way

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Thanks You for my guidance.I used your code but the following error is displayed.

Attempt to read property “name” on bool (View:

Hey, I doesn’t worked before with this package…I refers “name” property as an example for you. The most important I tried was show you how manage your solution. I read some over package documentation and definitely don’t retrieve data as I use here…so sorry I you misunderstood my intentions. Hope you get the idea an dev/test different solutions. Come here any issue or looking for help…all for one! jajaja

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