I am looking for a developer

I am part of a marketing company and we are looking for a developer for a project.

The project is a framework frontend, client, invoice, and backend system.

Livewire and Laravel 8
For database we would prefer mongodb but are we are looking to have this hosted on Laravel vapor.

If you are interested please PM me and I can share the full project details for a quote.

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Dear virgiltu
I’m new in Laravel and Livewire, but would be interested in your project. If you prefer I would join. Best regards

Hey, @virgiltu

I don’t think (IMHO) this is the great place to post jobs, there are many places for that.

Sadly nobody uses Livewire on any platform, I posted this literally everywhere and everything that came back was crap as nobody uses it.

Maybe we need a category for a job requests?

Aha! Look at livewire discord server in the advertise-jobs maybe you can find someone there. Or if you want to contact me May I could help you in your project.

:slight_smile: check your DM i send you a message before this was posted. i figured you were not interested.

Where exactly? Here or in my website?

Is this offer still open?

Thank you to all that reached out I am glad that finally I was able to find Livewire professionals.

The top question was to why I wanted to use MongoDB and not Mysql. In part is because Mongodb does not need a schema and nor that it need to create migrations. It honestly cut down development a lot, when you add a new value it just adds it and you dont need to run a migration every time. Also because Mongo Atlas is amazing and provides cloud dbs with everything needed from the start.