Is pagination SEO friendly?

Hello !

I start this topic because I have some concerns about the pagination and the abilities to crawlers to go trough the pages.

In fact, with the “classic” livewire method, you have a button with wire:click but there is no links attached. So, you can’t replace it by a tag with url without errors or complete refresh.

First try to delete the href attribute after page load with x-init, not working. So I bypass the system with a hidden a tag in the button. + link in header for prev/next + sitemap.

What do you use guys ?
Have a nice day

Also on the same page. Tried to dig the docs for more info and found this page:

Using this would solve the issue of linking back to specific page from search engine. At least from what I understand.

For example, if you were building a “search posts” component, and wanted the query string to reflect the current search value like so:

This way, when a user hits the back button, or bookmarks the page, you can get the initial state out of the query string, rather than resetting the component every time.

After testing it out my url became:

subCategory is the public filter variable and page is the pagination location

public $subCategory = '';

protected $queryString = ['subCategory' => ['except' => '']];