Javascript Code Editor renders once

What seems to be the problem:

I am currently working on an application that will allow users to write SQL queries that will then be used against other data sources. I have used both the CodeMirror code editor and the Ace.js code editor, but I am still getting the same problem. That problem is that the code editor will render with no problem when a Jet modal is shown. However after the modal is dismissed and then re-shown the editor is gone. No javascript errors or mark up in the DOM. I have verified that I am using the wire:ignore tag correctly in the parent element.

Steps to Reproduce:

Are you using the latest version of Livewire:

  1. Create a new application using Jetstream and Livewire.
  2. Create a Livewire component that is rendered as a full page component.
  3. Within this component, implement a Jetstream modal.
  4. Within the modal, implement an instance of Codemirror that utilizes an AlpineJS element reference.
  5. Show the modal, dismiss it, and then show it again. The editor should render initially with no problem, but will be hidden on the second try.

Yes, 2.10.7

Do you have any screenshots or code examples: