Join table cant show on view

What seems to be the problem:
i try build sub category, but the data in my database not showing, on the browser
Steps to Reproduce:
Are you using the latest version of Livewire:
Do you have any screenshots or code examples:
sure, this is my component livewire…

this is my component

<?php namespace App\Http\Livewire\Admin\SubCategory; use Livewire\Component; use DB; class Index extends Component { public function render() { return view('livewire.subcategory.index',[ 'category' => DB::table('categories')->get(), 'subcat' => DB::table('subcategories') ->join('categories','subcategories.category_id','') ->select('subcategories.*','categories.category_name') ->get(), ]); } } ![img12|690x312](upload://vk8GhJPgWx7G7evd3pWdf0BEeQN.jpeg) this is my view @foreach($subcat as $key=>$row) @endforeach
ID Sub Category name Category name Action
{{ $key +1 }} {{ $row->subcategory_name }} {{ $row->category_name }} Edit DELETE

What error message are you receiving? Do these queries return as expected outside of a livewire component? Ex: if you were to go into php artisan tinker and run the query, does it spit out what you’re looking for?

Data in my db cant show on my view sir…