Keep Long Running Forms Alive

Hi if you have someone if you have a form that someone may use and then forget about in a tab and come back to, is there a way to keep the session alive for that specific page or livewire component? Maybe polling? Or do you normally just catch the 419 and redirect to login?

Polling only works if that tab is the one the browser has focused. It says in the docs that polling is reduced when the tab isn’t focused, but unless that’s been fixed, it doesn’t.

You could extend the ttl of your sessions, but that won’t be component specific. Somewhere in the github issues is a code snippit of how to highjack the 419 modal in javascript if you wanted to go that route.

I’ve also looked at before, but I haven’t actually used it myself. @mikebronner, have you tested this with livewire or run into any issues?