Let's Build some Datatables Using Laravel And Livewire

Hi Everyone, this is my first Post here.
And I wanted to share a tutorial with you all about building datatables using Livewire.
We will be implementing some Awesome features like:

  • Pagination

  • Searching through multiple Columns and Relations.

  • Filtering data by Relations (i.e by Classes and Sections as each Student belongs to a Class and Section)

  • Implementing dependent Dropdown Using Livewire.

  • Deleting Records.

  • Selecting multiple or All Records of the Table.

  • Exporting Selected records to an Excel file (Using Laravel-Excel Package).

  • and Much more.

So I hope you guys like It and do Subscribe as I will be adding more stuffs related to Livewire in the Future.
And If I broke any Forum Rules by sharing this, then you can delete this Post.

Link to the Tutorial:

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Hey, @tapan_sharma
Welcome to the livewire community. I don’t think this is the great place to post this kind of stuff.

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