Live update for livewire attribute in blade.php component

What seems to be the problem: when i change a livewire attribute inside the php class it doesn’t get updated in the view

Steps to Reproduce:
i have livewire class component that has a public variable ,
in the view i have a


that has that variable displayed there , in that same view file i have an action wiche triggre a function inside that function my variable get updated with $this->variableName = new_value , but in the view still the same

Are you using the latest version of Livewire: yes

Do you have any screenshots or code examples:

Hey, @zieddams

make sure you are using lazy not defer in livewire model attribute

<input wire:model.lazy="yourProperty"/>

Instead of

<input wire:model.defer="YourProperty"/>

Cause the different between the two is:
defer send request to the server after hitting submit button
lazy send request to the server in every change happens to the DOM

thank so much for helping… but the problem is that that variable is not wired to an input im just putting it in html P tag

Can you show me the part of your code where you find the issue?