Livewire 3 causes large amount of queries on rerender

I have built a drop-down that dynamically populates a table depending on the option you have selected in the drop-down. The mount does the original query to get the options for the drop-down. I use updatedSelectedSite to hook into any change on the‘selectedSite’ which is the drop-down. On any update the current $this->selectedSite value is used to get the site details to populate the table. Problem is on updating the drop-down the update takes 30 seconds and eloquent does 291 queries. In Livewire 2 this works fast and only performs one query.
Here is my component code.

class SitesTeams extends Component
    public mixed $sites = null;
    public ?int $selectedSite = null;
    public ?Site $displaySite = null;

    public function mount():void {
        $this->sites = Site::query()->where('disabled', false)->orderBy('court_name')->get(['id','court_name']);

    public function updatedSelectedSite():void {
        $this->displaySite = Site::query()->where('id', $this->selectedSite)->with('teams')->first();

    public function render()
        return view('livewire.sites-teams');

The queries are made by

Is there something I should be doing differently in Livewire 3?

Are you using the latest version of Livewire: yes 3.0.1