Livewire encountered corrupt data when trying to hydrate the ... component. Ensure that the [name, id, data] of the Livewire component wasn't tampered with between requests

What seems to be the problem:

With recent Livewire versions (sadly I cannot recall with which version it seemed to work fine) I am always getting these errors while trying to switch pages on a custom-build pagination. So it must be an issue with data I am fetching from Stored Procedures. But I am not sure at all how to debug it, the data structure is quite complex… Any idea or what I can search for?

Steps to Reproduce:


Are you using the latest version of Livewire:


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Did you went through complete upgrade procedure? Cleared view cache?
It seems that something going on with your component livewire data in browser and the security checksum does not match.

Seems with Livewire 1.3.3 it works just fine, but with Livewire >= 2 it fails because of the Hydration Checksum. Can I disable the Checksum check?

No, this is a base of Livewire security. Otherwise you cannot trust any data sent from the client.

Maybe you have any other JS components on the page that can affect Livewire v2?

In my case the solution was to make a public property protected and pass it to the blade manually, so it was excluded from Livewire’s auto-handling under the hood.

I’m having the same issue: a class that was working fine on Livewire 1.3.3 is now throwing the exact same error as the OP’s. However, in my case, it’s a rather complex class with plenty of properties, so making them protected and passing them to the blade manually is less than ideal.

Any help tracking what might be causing this and / or how to fix it, rather than doing a workaround, would be much appreciated!

ETA: In my case, the issue was a helper public property that I was assigning on render() (rather than state, it was a helper property to generate the needed information based on the current state). Changing this property to private fixed the issue!

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