Livewire encountered corrupt data when trying to hydrate

Livewire 2.4

I have a component using a model bound to a property.
In the view, I setup easyMDE as this is an update page - and on change, in the script I use:

@this.campaign.content_one = easyMDE.value();

That produces the following error:
Livewire encountered corrupt data when trying to hydrate…

On the component I have:

public Campaign $campaign;

That doesn’t work at all. It does all however work if I have a separate public property not bound to the model. Such as:

public $content_one = 'abc';

This then works all correct (assuming I then update the script to this property and not the model bound property).

Any reasoning why the model bound property doesn’t update property?

Thanks for any support!

Hey, @bdbolin

Take a look here and here also, it may solve your issue.

You may try to inject your model directly into the mount method instead

public function mount(Campaign $compaign)