Livewire for django

Hi, a little introduction of myself. Here Mexican developer with python superpowers.

I trying to port the livewire to Django. It had a lot of architectural differences from Laravel.

I want to know if exist some laravelproject that had all features from livewire implemented. (Like pingcrm from inertiajs). And not a simple counter …

if you take a look:

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Your best place to start:

Thanks xxdalexx but i decided to implement all documentation on django.

I think will be the correct way to implement livewire for django.

I had the

1.- Counter Component.
2.- List post Implementing the
3.- Properties Render

WIP: Data Binding

I will continue reporting what i do here!

I had implemented:

Component render (wrongly I had to refactor it).
Mount Functionality
Public Components (with the help of callable function)
Events (simple without parameters)

I had a lot of refactor to build because the Oriented Objects from python it is very different on PHP.

I deploy the code in