Livewire message post request status 302

Hi in my livewire component i am using wire:click event when i click on event livewire/message/component_name post request status show 302 next get request always ask for login. i am not using auth middleware for this url is public, if i already logged in and component work fine. in my app i have to share this url to public so they can access information easily. no idea where i am doing wrong. here are two screenshots not logged in getting error.

if i am logged in component work fine no error.

other screenshot

i am using livewire version 2.0

Does your component have any authorisation logic? If your initial request to your component requires authorisation Livewire will re-apply that authorisation (middleware) on subsequent requests.

no there is no login authorization in component i am passing id getting data from model, this component is for public access. because of this issue other elements of same component are not working you can see top right select all button when you click on that you will get same get login. do i need to set order of routes in web.php or something else.

Fond problem i set auth middleware in livewire config which was creating problem, before without this middleware i was not able to get auth()->user() in some livewire components . now after removing this everything works fine