Livewire syntax support in PHPStorm

I am getting warnings or plain syntax color while using the following

//white text

//warning: Namespace livewire is not defined

<div wire:init="method">...</div>
//warning: namespace wire not bound

I fixed the first issue by adding livewire directive to languages & frameworks > php > blade . But i don’t know how to go about the other. Is there any standard way of getting livewire compatible with PHPStorm?

you can use Laravel Idea plugin it should do the job

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nop it does not do the job.

since <liveiwre:scripts> came with Laravel 7 it may take some time to support this directive.

I’m using VScode and it works just fine all the livewire directive.

you can open an issue in some of the Laravel plugins came with PhpStorm and it may support it

PS: just make sure the Laravel plugins doesn’t make any conflict in each other, meaning, you can disable one and enable another and see if it works with you

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Laravel Idea fixed it for me.

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