Livewire with Algolia vue-instantsearch.js

Looking for some quick feedback on best practices with Algolia within a Livewire project. I have prior experience with vue-instantsearch.js, but haven’t used it with Livewire.

I would like to use both in an upcoming project. We have much of the customization already done, but it is using the vue/algolia implementation. We are using Scout to populate the Algolia Index.

I am aware of the livewire/vue project which allows Vue to work with Livewire, but it seems that comments (from Caleb) generally indicate that support for this may not be in the future development plans.

If this is so, what is the recommended setup for customizing the Algolia Client UI when integrating it into a Livewire project? Do you use the Vue components, or is their some other method you are using?