Missing fingerprint when running tests (v2.0)

I’m having trouble attempting to test a component. The test (excerpt)

        Livewire::test(StudentEvaluationList::class, ['student' => $student])
            ->set('term', 'spring')

errors out on the ->set() line with Undefined index: fingerprint . I followed it through (thank you, xDebug) to TestableLivewire.php #161

    public function pretendWereSendingAComponentUpdateRequest($message, $payload)
        return $this->callEndpoint('POST', '/livewire/message/'.$this->componentName, [
            'fingerprint' => $this->payload['fingerprint'],
            'serverMemo' => $this->payload['serverMemo'],
            'updates' => [['type' => $message, 'payload' => $payload]],

The $payload passed is just my state change ['name' => 'term', 'value' => 'spring'] , but it seems to expect a fingerprint and serverMemo keys as well. I didn’t see anything in the docs about those, so do I need to be adding those myself? Did I miss a setup step?