Multiple Form Validation

I have a product procurement form with multiple registration capability. Here is the actual validation:
product.0’ => [‘required’],
frs_id.0’ => [‘required’],
‘price.0’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’],
‘amount_paid.0’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’, ‘lte:total_amount.0’],
‘qte.0’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’],
‘product.’ => [‘required’],
‘frs_id.’ => [‘required’],
‘price.’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’],
‘amount_paid.’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’],
‘qte.’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’], ‘qte.’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’].

I would like to be able to compare for each entry in index 1, the total_amount and the paid_amount as it is done for the first entry of the table.

‘amount_paid.0’ => [‘required’, ‘numeric’, ‘min:1’, ‘lte:total_amount.0’]]