New tag syntax not working for me

I have converted this working tag

@livewire('price-table', ['table' => $table, 'local_country' => $local_country])

to the new Laravel 7 tag

<livewire:price-table :table="$table" :local_country="$local_country">

and get following error:

Unresolvable dependency resolving [Parameter #1 [ <required> $local_country ]] in class App\Http\Livewire\PriceTable (View: /Users/example/dev/apps/example/resources/views/example.blade.php)

When I reduce this to only pass one parameter, then it starts working:

<livewire:price-table :table="$table">

Is there a specific way to pass two parameters in the new tag? Or is this maybe a bug?

Do you have $local_country declared as a public variable in your component?

Apparently it’s a bug. See here: