No execution of livewire code

Hi. please i have a problem with livewire. when I deploy the application on my server the livewire code is not executed. please help me

Hey @brondon
Can you provide any code/screenshots or log errors in your app?

i want to host my devellopé application with laravel livewire. the livewire code does not execute. but locally it works fine. and here is the error produced by the browser console

salut @skywalker.
au fait lorsque je suis en local tout fonctionne bien avec laravel livewire. mais une fois que j’héberge l’application, laravel livewire ne s’initialise apparament pas. j’ai cette erreur dans la console…

If you do not have brackets in your layout blade Livewire directives @livewireScripts() and @livewireStyles() try to add or remove them. Sometimes it matters…

ok. thanks @dimonka2. i try it

salut @brondon

le problème ici est peut-être que vous avez oublié de mettre les scripts livewire quelque part, vérifiez-le et essayez de vider le cache à la fois dans l’application et dans le navigateur.

I’m not a local. the application is already hosted this problem was due to the fact that the livewire file that is in the configuration was not configured. but now i have a problem with corns. in my own browser it works fine but in others here is the error I have
.la I have been really lost for 2 days already.

For some reason Livewire is trying to post to url with www. from a page having url without .www. Try to search in your project where this url is defined and try to remove it. Maybe in .env file.

I checked that I still have the same problem. what is weird is that it works locally on all equipment and when I host it only works on my pc but on another terminal it gives me this error.

So how do you open your webpage with or without www.?

I do not understand you well. with or without www. How? ‘Or’ What?

thank you @Dimonka2.
that was my problem

You can see the difference here

thanks you @skywalker

you are very welcome any time :grinning: