I want to use livewire to implement a form where 3 Models are involved.
The parent model is Booking (with some parameters). A Booking can have many Blocks (with a Date and other parameters). This is straightforward as there are plenty such examples where you have an ‘Add’ button and function.
Now each Date has a slotcount to create that many Slots (which can be individually deleted)
What is the best way to implement this?
I used a blocks array and a 2-dimentional sloty array (or can slots be a different livewire component?)
I got it to somehow work (adding/deleting Blocks, creating or delteing Slots) but the code is not clean and any imput in a slot input field generates an error:
Property [$slots[0]] not found on component: [booking-form]

Does anyone have such an example to show me? (Laravel 7, livewire 2.0)
Thanks in advence