Passing Data from Blade File - Issue

Hi Guys,

Ran into an error when passing data via a function call within a blade file:

<a wire:click.prevent="editPost('{{ $reply->id }}', '{{ $reply->parentID }}', '{{ $reply->title }}', '{{ $reply->description }}')" href="#">
  <i class="fal fa-comment-alt-edit comment-icon"></i>

For testing purposes the ```{{ $reply->description }}" contains lorem dummy text:

Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Rerum, accusantium quaerat, fugiat nam dicta eligendi molestiae, repudiandae quia obcaecati id fugit dolores repellendus autem vel quod porro voluptates minus aspernatur.

When I click the link above I get an error:

Unable to call component method. Public method [editPost('7', '1', '', Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit etc......

If I try editing another post on the same thread with only a few words, it works fine.

Is the string too long to be passing it as a parameter or what could the issue be ?