Prevent refreshing the page

What seems to be the problem:
The main problem is that when I am sending data from the child livewire component to the parent livewire component and put in a public model then the page will refreshing. I would like to have not refreshed the page.

Steps to Reproduce:
Making 2 livewire components and one of them is parent component and second is child component. The child component sending data to the parent component. The parent component will put in a public model and then saving in the database after clicking to the save button.

Are you using the latest version of Livewire:

Do you have any screenshots or code examples:


public $timelimit_hetfoenabled;
    public $timelimit_hetfoblocked;
    public $timelimit_hetfostart;
    public $timelimit_hetfosend;

protected $listeners = [
        'timelimitsetup' => 'timelimitsettings'

public function timelimitsettings($enabled, $nap, $blocked, $kezdoido, $vegsoido){
        if($nap == 'hetfo'){
        $this->timelimit_hetfoenabled = $enabled;
        $this->timelimit_hetfoblocked = $blocked;
        $this->timelimit_hetfostart = $kezdoido;
        $this->timelimit_hetfosend = $vegsoido;


public $timelimit_hetfoenabled;

public function mondayclick(){
        $this->emit('timelimitsetup', $this->timelimit_hetfoenabled, 'hetfo', false, null, null);

So how I can prevent to update the page after sent the data to the parent component? I know there is “defer” but that is in the blade part and not in the backend part.
Thanks for answers in advance.

So when the mondayclick function runs your entire page is reloading or just the bits that have changed?

If I use the mondayclick without emit then the page will not refresh which is good but if I emit the data to the Parent.php then the page will refresh which is not good. I don’t know why refreshing the page. I just pass the data from child to parent without showing on the parent blade the data but saving that.

That is definitely not the expected behaviour. Are you returning a redirect anywhere, that would cause a whole page refresh? What results do you get with the counter example from the docs?

No redirecting. Just rendering the design part and put in model the checkbox if something is checked or not and then emit from backend to the parent.php. I am not re rendering or redirect.
I noticed that if I don’t emit then it will work but then I can’t save in the database the values from the children. I did otherwise the this but ehh it is unfortunate that I can’t pass parameters from child to parent without refreshing.

How I did solve?
Well I did give to checkbox and for other stuffs an id in html and retrieve with jquery and emit to the parent backend. This way working. So I needed to go around and then use the values. Unfortunately I couldn’t solve by sending with child to parent directly.

Thank you for the answers btw.

Another way to reduce components refreshing when you need to share data, is using sessions variables , that way in any component you can manipulate the data without emiting an event

Hi, oh I didn’t think about this. Dang, you have right. In the next project, I will do that way. Thanks for the advice. :+1: