Real-time validation on input while using file temporary url

While using the “real-time validation” on an input while using the temp file upload preview from an uploaded file on same page, I get an error from the $photo variable being a string instead of an object. Everything works, until I start writing in the input field after selecting an image.

Call to a member function temporaryUrl() on string (View: ...../resources/views/livewire/share-upload.blade.php)

Steps to Reproduce:

You can use the File Uploads example from the docs, and add a input field.

  1. Have an image upload field, while also showing the preview of the link (from docs, $file->temporaryUrl())
  2. Upload an image and see the image image
  3. Start typing in another input text field, with some live validation for the min/max length, I get the error

Using version 1.3.0