Scan components on the page manually after render

I have a component that loads dynamic components on demand.
So my component A becomes component C when I load the C.
But A also adds a new block A that allows me to add a new component C or B or any other.
It works great.
The problem is that I need to move the new component C outside the component A and just remove A since I have a new A that I printed together with the C.
When I move the new component C and the new A outside the original A and remove the original one, Livewire stops working.
It work if I just keep the components inside tve original one, but I need to take them out.
I think Livewire loses my components if I move the html outside the original one.
Is there any way to scan the components again when I finish moving them?

I have 2 nested components, C is inside A.
I need to move C outside A, but Livewire stops working on C then.
I need to rescan it, but Livewire.rescan() is not working