Shortcut keybord numpad + with trigger action

#ask good morning ,how to make a global shortcut trigger action with Numeric keypad keys “+” on keybord, and it will trigger a response if I press “+” on the keyboard and run trigger action ??

My code blade

<div wire:keydown.add='cashend' class="card-body">

livewire controller

public function cashend()




not runing dd , return , and thanks

I think you would have to add a listener on the document in javascript for the keydown to emit an event for livewire to use. (107 is Numpad +)

document.addEventListener("keydown", event => {
  if (event.keyCode === 107) {

Then in your component, add a listener for fireCashend that triggers the livewire method:

public $listeners = ['fireCashend' => 'cachend'];

(I didn’t actually test this, but I don’t think there’s a typo.)