Starting with Laravel 8 and livewire 2.0

The videos are really confusing if you start your journey through the screencast on laravel 8 and livewire 2.x … actually the workflow is completely different now I am really confused

I would not recommend starting this series with Version 2 (if at all) and rather wait for a new series or start with an old version and then upgrade … anyways I would say this series is unfortunately outdated due to Laravel 8 and livewire 2 update.

Hey, @reniar1
I’m Using Livewire since version 1.x and it’s not that hard to understand in case you are familiar with laravel.
In all cases you are making a component and calling it, you can follow the screencasts with version ^1.x after that you can take a look at the Upgrading Guide form 1.x to 2.x
Form the Docs:

Form the Screencasts:

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Thanks skywalker for your time yeah it takes some time to get through the confusing V1. to V2 but once you get your head around it its actually realy nice

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Yep, it takes time and effort. Just keep going and if you have any question feel free to DM me or mention me in your thread, I’ll Help you as soon as I can.

Happy coding @reniar1