Tree of elements with a single details view/editor

HI, I am working on a project where I need to make possible to see/edit a relative large amount of elements (few thousands) in a tree form. I thought this is a good opportunity to try livewire - edit a huge tree without reloading the whole tree.

There are few items that I do want to clear before i start to work on it:

  1. Livewire seems not have a built in tree. Is it possible to render Livewire components in JsTree (pass as JS array with encoded HTML)?
  2. There is an idea to have one detail view for a selected tree element. I was reading documentation over and over, but it was not entirely clear for me how to pass object ID to another component via JS. Basically on selecting tree element the details view has to receive an id of selected element and display details.This text will be hidden

Any help is appreciated.

Have you had any luck completing this? I have a very similar use case and would like to get rid of JsTree in favor of Livewire.