Unable to find component[...]

I get this Error ’ A Livewire component was not found’ when i deploy to my host, but when i’m working from my computer locally everything seem to work fine. use Laravel 8 with Jetstream and Livewire as my stack. The livewire version is 2.0
I created a compnent like this:


namespace App\Http\Livewire;

use Livewire\Component;
use App\Models\User;
use App\Models\Rtransaction;
use App\Models\Settings;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth;
class Receive extends Component

public $currency;
public $hash;
public $address;
protected $listeners = ['changecurr' => 'ShowCurrencyAddress'];
protected $rules = [
    'hash' => 'required',

public function mount()
    $settings = Settings::where('id', '1')->first();
    $this->currency = 'BTC';
    $this->address = $settings->btcWallet;

public function render()
    return view('livewire.receive');

public function save()
    $dp=new Rtransaction();
    $dp->status= 'Pending';
    $dp->orderID= $this->hash;
    $dp->proof= $this->currency;
    $dp->description="Received 0 $this->currency";
    $dp->user= Auth::User()->id;
    session()->flash('success', 'Successful, Please wait for confirmation.');


and in my livewire view i have it inside my livewire folder and a file called recieve.blade.php
i.e livewire/recieve.blade.php

everything seem to work fine in my localhost, but when i deploy online i get this error

Usually it should be no problem for Livewire to locate component. In worst case you may register component manually in a Service Provider:

public function boot() {
        Livewire::component('receive ', Receive::class);

But it should work. Maybe show how you include your component and maybe check the location of the class.

Alright, Let me try it, i will inform you how it goes. Thanks so much for your help.