Undefined variable: updateMode

I am getting undefined variable $updateMode in the blade view, please help
Error message screen shot

do you have a ListVehicle component rigth?

Hey, @joshiket

Can you provide a code?

This is my component code :

and this is the blade code:

do I need to do something related to data binding

I misunderstood something…let me try. You have a Vehicle component and it render a nested component named list-vehicles and this last render another nested component named ‘update-vehicle’…I’m right?
So in the Vehicle component you have the $updateMode property but this is checked too in the list-vehicles…if it’s you have to bind this to the list-vehicle like

$livewire('list-vehicles', ['updateMode' => $updateMode])

and in list-vehicle component

public $updateMode;
public function mount($updateMode)
    $this->updateMode = $updateMode;

I’m not sure if is necessary the mount … no test this now but is a solution