Url duplication with v2

What seems to be the problem:
Hi! my url is duplicated eg. domain/country1/country1
my case is a multi-country website (same code but with DB per country) so we have a function to handle url per country eg. domain/country1 domain/country2… and so based on the url it connects to the database below I attach the function

well in livewire 1.3 it does not duplicate me but in v2 yes :s
I’m using laravel 7.

What do you thing is the cause?


Where you are using this functions exactly.
can you provide more information please?

in all webiste that is what the change of database on the server does … if the user is in the url domain.com/country1 it connects to the DB country 1 and so on…The weird thing is how I say that with the 1.3 version of livewire it works fine for me and it does not duplicate the url and with the new v2 it get duplicated :s

Yes, I got that but the thing is your code is a custom function not related with Laravel neither livewire
a least provide a code like Route::livewire('country/{country', 'to.blade.file') or something like that.

the routes I’m writing them like always eg. Route::get("/listadopaciente",“[email protected]”);

can you give me the full code?