What would be the best approach to replacing content after an action?

Say I have a form, and when the form is submitted, I would like to hide the form and replace it with something sent back from the server.

Would this type of component be better handled with Vue? Or can I do something with events or alpine together to try to accomplish the same effect.


You have a list of reviews. Someone wants to reply to a review, they hit the reply button and a textarea and a button appears. They enter their comment and hit submit, which is an action on the Livewire component. The comment is now saved, how to I notify and send that object back to the frontend to replace the comment form with the users picture and response (preferably via a blade include or something)

I can do this in Vue, but as i’m learning Livewire more and more i’m trying to figure out the best ways/or if its even possible/plausible with Livewire.

I’m not looking for any code written, just the theory to approach it with. I appreciate any guidance.

Hey @Rappasoft
See this Thread it may help you with your logic.

Thanks I didn’t know it was that easy. I got it to work the way I wanted.

That’s Great @Rappasoft, Good to hear that from you!