Where to find a list of validation rules

Hi. I am newbie to Laravel -Livewire and I cannot find in the documentation a list of validation rules. For example, I have this in a register component

        'email'=> 'required|email|unique:users',

I would like to add a rule to password to require at least on digit and at least one uppercase but I don’t know the name of the validation rules for them if they happen to exist. If they do not exist, should I write a custom rule for each requirement and combine these new rules with the existing ones or should I write a new rule that combines all of the rules (pre-existing and newly created).
Whatever it is, I would be happy to know where in the docs to find the list of validators.

Here is the list of available validation rules. If these don’t fit your needs, there is documentation on how to create your own.


Thank you. It perfectly fit my needs.