Why does livewire fail so much?

I am doing a relatively complex project.

But I have found on several occasions that livewire fails.
I don’t put all the code here because it’s very complex and the errors are not 100% predictable, it’s a bit arbitrary.
These errors are not necessarily generated when you have nested components, I have also encountered errors in 1 component loaded as the only controller in the path.

Basically the errors I have encountered are:

After deleting elements dynamically, suddenly you go to edit an element and you get a 404 error. The funny thing is that in the DOM the ID is injected correctly but for some reason that I don’t know when passing to the backend it gives 404.

On other occasions, and also when you are loading and removing elements from the dom dynamically, suddenly it changes the functionality. For example if you have an icon to edit, another to delete, another to replicate a reply, another to give like . It changes the function of one element to another. ( but in the DOM everything is correct )

Could someone guide me to why this happens, and how to debug it? I would not like to have to start from 0 with another technology because this project is very advanced but I realize that it is not 100% reliable.

Maybe you have to share some code of that issues that you refers here, because it’s very difficult build an answer or compare codes by this

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