Wire:click on <select>

How do I trigger a “on change” on a select field?

Basically I want to call a method when a an option from a is selected


You can hook into when your model is updated. Something like this:


<select wire:model="foo">

public $foo;

// the updated* method follows your variable name and is camel-cased, in this sample, 'foo'
public function updatedFoo()
    // your code you want to execute

More on hooks here: https://laravel-livewire.com/docs/lifecycle-hooks

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The problem here was that I wasn’t thinking “Livewire”, assigning it to a model and checking in hydrate() did the trick but your solution makes more sense. Thanks!

My confusion was because the is only shown when another model/attribute is a specific value which has it’s own logic when a value is selected.

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